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2nd hand printing equipment

So the used market seems to be the nature of the beastr at the moment and inorder to survive the key is being able to adapt.  P&P is now partnering with some of the best in the business to provide the market with good quality used equipment but still supporting them.

Don’t by from and e-bay store from the people who have no idea ahat they are selling.  get the right service from the data collection experts!


refurbished sensors

As a result of the state of thew market P&P are now making second hand and refurbished Copy count sensors available.  We would always recommend that a customer maximises the potential but sometimes the budget is not there and we are always there to provide for our customers.

Batch Counting The Countmaster

Is good to see the amount of interest and feedback we are getting in regard to the Countmaster Legend.  This unit is a great bit of kit particularly for those needing to batch on a budget

Take a look https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sfeA0puutg to see the this bad boy in action

What matters most to you?

How accountable is the press?

DENEX Edge Detector II

we now have more Edge detector II in stock at our UK office.  So get your orders in quick before they go.  The advantage of this sensor is although it is not as intelligent a system as the micro it is still a fantastic sensor that can be used in most applications.

Contact us now to see if this is indeed the sensor you have been looking for.

Don’t forget to ask about our trade in offers

Packaging Innovations Oct 6-7th

I will be attending this show in London @ the business Design Centre hope to see you there!

Single Sheet Counter from SSC

Being exhibited right now at Pack Expo Nevada the Single Sheet Counter from SSC.  The product that has been demanded by the end user is nearly ready for all.

This amazing new product with be able to count single sheets in a variety product thickness and colour.  The price to the end user will be extremely competative.

stay tuned for more details

Press & Packaging Ltd secure QTMS distribution

P&P now have the distribution rights for the single best copy count sensor on the market.  The Copycounter 4 is now available to the whole market.  For a number of years distribution has been restricted by Prism.  They have now allowed P&P to sell to any customer that wants the most reliable and cost-effective counter available.

We are prepared to be massively competitive on price and will even provide free trials.  We are confident that once you have tried the CC4 you can not deny that it is “One Sensor to rule them all.  One sensor to count them.  One Sensor to beat them all and with our prices bind them.”

Announcing the new DENEX micro to the UK market

Press & Packaging ltd, the new sole UK distribution and service agents are proud to present the new and improved DENEX Micro.  As well as delivering the best laser diode technology, DENEX have now added a CAM-BUS port to their most versatile sensor.  This means greater connectivity to data collection systems, coupled with superior leading edge detection.

Further more qualified engineer servicing is now finally available in the UKAndrew Gardner MD of P&P says “DENEX delivers the best laser copy sensor to the market place and now our customers can receive full support in the UK.”

Press & Packaging is offering free quotations on any old or faulty DENEX sensors, for calibration or repair.  Plus if you send us any old copy count sensor, you may qualify for our trade-in offer on a DENEX upgrade.

Press & Packaging is an exciting new company that specialises in shop floor data collection equipment in the print and packaging industries.  Visit our website to view our full selection of products. Alternatively e-mail us to find out how we can save you money.

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